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We're bringing the fun of summer camp to families at home with #CampYouTube. Check out our STEM, Arts, Sports, and Adventure themed camps to learn new skills, stay active, and explore the world together. Come back daily for updates! Families can also download #CampYouTube bingo boards and cross off camp activities they complete.

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Campfire Talks

Everyone can use their voice to make a difference. Talking about race and discrimination at a young age is critical to establishing lasting change. Start a conversation with your family using these playlists.


Break Time

Take a break with these classic summer camp snack recipes and craft projects.


Field Trips

Take a trip across the globe using virtual reality. Use your mouse to click and drag the picture to look around. These videos can be played in your web browser, on your phone, or by using a stand-alone virtual reality device.


#CampYouTube Bingo Boards

Download the relevant PDF and cross off completed camp activities.

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